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Neostone is a privately owned business that opened its doors 5 years ago by dealing with the distribution of home wares, fittings and fixtures.
We make use of social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, email and blog site to develop contents, market and create awareness for our products and services.
 At present, we carry on by growing fast in continually increasing the range of products and services we offer to our customers every year.

We are constantly in the chase for the next product and services that make an abode feel more like home.

  • A hole is drilled through the countertop or sink for the dispenser. 
    This uses up space under the sink and is more time consuming than other filters.

  • It can excite to reconstruct a kitchen.
    The following tips should be considered when selecting a water filtration system:
    Test your water or refer to the local report on your water filter and drinking water supply need.

  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), should certify your water filter
    The filter has to be maintained following manufacturers recommendation.


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